Poll: Will You Buy the iPhone 12 Pro If It Does not Come With 120Hz ProMotion Display?

iPhone 12 ConceptiPhone 12 Concept

When the iPhone 12 rumors first started popping up, they claimed that at least the ‚ÄėPro‚Äô iPhone 12 models will feature a 120Hz ProMotion display. However, recent leaks suggest that Apple will not be going ahead with 120Hz OLED panels on its iPhone 12 Pro models.

This is definitely going to be a bummer for some people as high refresh rate panels have become commonplace in premium and flagship Android smartphones. A high refresh rate panel has many advantages, though it comes with its fair share of cons as well.

A typical smartphone display has a refresh rate of 60Hz per second. This means that it redraws the content on the display sixty times every second. So, as the refresh rate is increased, the number of times the content is drawn on the display also increases which adds a level of fluidity to animations and the UI. This is particularly visible while scrolling in a list. Another advantage of a high refresh rate panel is that it comes with a higher touch sampling rate meaning it can detect your touch faster. A 120Hz panel will usually have a touch sampling rate of 240Hz meaning it will scan for your touches 240 times every second. The catch here is that the CPU and GPU have to work extra hard for the additional drawing meaning there is a hit on battery life.

On paper, it might not seem like a high refresh rate brings much to the table. But it plays a very important role in adding a level of smoothness to the UI that is simply not possible with software optimization. Apple was among the first companies to use a high refresh rate panel on its devices. The company had refreshed its iPad Pro lineup with 120Hz ProMotion display back in 2017 itself. So, it is quite puzzling to see Apple not bring the same technology to its iPhones even after so many years.

So, will the lack of 120Hz ProMotion display make you change your mind about buying the iPhone 12 Pro? Or are you fine with a 60Hz refresh rate display on the iPhone for another year? Take part in the poll below and let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment!

Will You Buy the iPhone 12 Pro If It Does not Come With 120Hz ProMotion Display?

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