Google Teases a Google Home Speaker Replacement in a Photo and Video

The new Nest Speaker on a night stand.

A little over a month ago, Google discontinued the original Google Home speaker (not to be confused with the Google Home app). The Nest Mini all but took its place, thanks to its surprisingly good sound in a small package. But what if you do want more? Well, it looks like a new Nest branded speaker is on the way, and Google is ready to show a little about it.

Yesterday, 9to5Google posted pictures of the speaker, courtesy of an FTC filing, but while that gave us a partial view, the FTC doesn’t focus on flattering photos of devices. Still, it gave us our best look yet at the upcoming Google Home replacement.

That is until Google sent out an official photo to several outlets, including 9to5Google. We can see that the speaker does stand up on end, despite a pillow shape, and features three led lights and a fabric cover similar to other Nest speakers. It’s a[[ears to lie flat as well. It followed that photo up with a video on YouTube and briefly showed the device in action:

The video suggests the speakers will work in pairs, much like the Google Home Max, but it doesn’t tell us much more. We’ll have to wait to find out pricing and availability, but we’ll update you when that information becomes available.

via 9to5Google

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